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Oct-12-06, 06:21 PM (EST)
"Your holiday memories"
   Hi everyone... Just checking in as I head to Florida for the winter months. I'd love it if some of you would share your favorite holiday memories...either one that was incredibly special to you or a horror story about your holiday shopping or a family trip that went awry. Of if you have a favorite book you like to read during the holidays, tell the rest of us about that. It can be a classic or something recent that touched your heart. I think we can all identify with the good memories and the bad during this upcoming holiday season, so let's share some laughs and maybe even a few tears before those dashes through the mall begin in earnest and life gets too frantic.

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Rosie Stroy
Dec-23-06, 03:38 AM (EST)
1. "RE: Your holiday memories"
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   I work in insurance so it can get very busy and stressful during the month of December so I don't like to read anything real heavy. I like to read books with holiday themes (I find lots of anthologies)scrounging through used book stores which are fun and I can find new authors to enjoy. And I like to read books with happy and upbeat themes. I've found myself reading a lot of books this year which involve young children. I lost my son to a drunk driver at age 18 in 1987. He was your typical young boy and I have many happy memories of him growing up. I love authors that write children so well that I'm constantly laughing at the things that do. After the holidays, I will go back to reading all categories of books. Thank you for so many enjoyable hours of reading and I've passed your books onto to others to read as well. Happy Holiday Season to you and your family. Rosie

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Dec-24-06, 08:53 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Your holiday memories"
In response to message #1
Thanks so much, Rosie. I know what a stressful time of year this can be, especially for families who have to deal with illnesses or the loss of loved ones. I, too, recommend the holiday anthologies for something light and upbeat. And in my own books, writing about kids is one of my favorite things. Over the years I suspect I've created enough children to populate -- and entertain -- a small town. Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays. Hope you have many blessings in the new year.

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