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Dear friends, This is the place for you to share your thoughts about my books as well as your tips on writing. Please don't use this as a forum to discuss works by other authors, pro or con. There are plenty of places you can go for general book discussions. I'd like this to be a friendly place where you can get to know others who enjoy my books. Stir up a little controversy if something in a book bugged you, as long as it's done in a reasonably gentle way. Feel free to ask questions of me and each other. I'll sign on as frequently as possible to answer your questions. Okay, then...jump in anytime. Sherryl

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"Tips from Tara Taylor Quinn"
Author Tara Taylor Quinn, author of IN PLAIN SIGHT, MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABIES and the upcoming THE NIGHT WE MET, EVERLASTING, due out in April, sends along the following fitness tips that sound like great ones to me: "About seven years ago, feeling desperate because I was starting to put on weight and yet was so bored by exercise that it made me cry, I put on a pair of rollerblades. A love was born! Skating an hour a day is my gift to myself - and pure bliss. I'm free. I fly. I plot. stave off hunger pangs I eat breathsaver mints. It says right on the package that they aren't food supplement, so they aren't to replace a meal - but in between meals they work great!" -- Tara Taylor Quinn (Blog with me!

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