A Letter from Sherryl

Dear friends,

So many of you asked for more from Chesapeake Shores. Thank you for loving the O’Briens as much as I do. And, of course, these books are in development for a possible movie and series on the Hallmark Channel, so how could I possibly leave Nell, Mick and Megan and the rest of the family with stories untold?

However, to make this happen, you’re going to have to allow me some leniency with aging kids in erratic, soap opera time, while other characters don’t seem to age much at all. You first saw evidence of that with Jenny’s story in A SEASIDE CHRISTMAS last fall. That book also hinted at a story for one of Abby’s twins when the driven, ambitious Caitlyn was the one to catch the bouquet at Jenny’s wedding. THE CHRISTMAS BOUQUET, in stores October 6, is Cait’s story. Of course, Mick will be front and center to make sure she gets down the aisle, despite her reluctance to disrupt her well-organized plan for her life. And she has a very worthy hero in Noah McIlroy, a physician who proves he shares her dreams and goals.

I hope you’ll love being back with the O’Briens again and will forgive my playing fast and loose with ages. There’s some history of that tendency in my own family, as I discovered when doing genealogical research. I guess I come by it naturally.

With all good wishes for your very best holiday season ever, whatever your beliefs and whatever you celebrate. May you be surrounded by friends, family and much joy!! And stay tuned for the next Chesapeake Shores title, DOGWOOD HILL, in stores at the end of December. Be prepared for a really big surprise in that one.