A Letter from Sherryl

Dear friends:

For both readers and me who envy the whole big family experience, the O’Briens seem to have it all. They’re boisterous and loving and protective. And in DOGWOOD HILL, which comes out December 30, they’re in for a shock!

I can’t tell you the last time I had quite this much fun introducing a character who could shake up a family the way Aidan Mitchell’s arrival in Chesapeake Shores does! The former football superstar comes to town to try to help the struggling high school team, but he’s on another mission that could turn things upside down for a lot of people. Have I caught your attention yet?

Complicating the situation are his growing feelings for Liz March, a woman whose life was destroyed by secrets. She’s terrified that Aidan’s will be just as devastating.

I hope you’ll enjoy this emotionally-charged story. There are plenty of chuckles thanks to Archie, an Australian shepherd mix determined to unite this couple. He’s my tribute to two dogs in my life who died not long ago — my cousin’s Aussie, Dixie, and my neighbor’s Cairn terrier, Archie. I considered Archie one of my “time share” dogs and was as devastated by his death as my neighbors were. But while this fictional Archie adds a few laughs to DOGWOOD HILL, there are also tears to be shed. I hope you’ll enjoy the revelations and the journey.

Happy new year, everyone, and as always, happy reading!