A Letter from Sherryl

Dear friends:

Many of you expressed sympathy for Adelia Hernandez when she first appeared in Midnight Promises. Her plight with an unapologetic, cheating husband seemed to resonate with a lot of readers who wanted her to have her own happy ending. Now in Swan Point she does!

But is a future with one-time troublemaker Gabe Franklin, who’s trying to put his own life back together, the right choice for this mother of four kids who need reassurance and stability in the wake of a messy divorce? Adelia’s not sure. Neither, for that matter, is Gabe. Yet the two are drawn together with an undeniable attraction, the kind that’s oh-so-hard to resist.

But as Gabe starts to win over Adelia and her children, there’s another crisis with her ex-husband that threatens the hard-won happiness they’ve found. Will Gabe use it as an excuse to take off from Serenity for the second time in his life? Or will he be brave enough to reach for the future they both deserve?

I hope you enjoy this latest story of the Sweet Magnolias, who find strength in themselves and in their friendships. And I wish you friends who are there to give you strength and support whenever you need it.

All best,