A Letter from Sherryl

Dear friends:

One of the best things about January 1 is that we all get to start with a clean slate. New Year’s Day is the official invitation to reinvent ourselves.

Over my long professional life, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to reinvent myself many times. I started as a straight news journalist, then spent 14 years covering the entertainment industry with a focus on television. When I left that world, I worked for a medical center using my writing background to draft annual reports and fundraising brochures. From that I drifted into managing a hospital employee motivational program, which I still regard as one of my most worthwhile endeavors.

And then came the chance to write books. Lots and lots of books! More than 140 over the past 30+ years. And during that time I have been blessed to get to know so many of you, some in person, others through your letters and emails. Please believe me when I tell you how much I value that feedback and support and even the occasional dialogue when you don’t believe a character has behaved appropriately!

I have loved the writing and the friendships I’ve made, but it’s come at a price. I’ve always been a big believer in meeting deadlines and keeping professional commitments, often to the neglect of family and friends. And so I am taking a break to put them first for awhile, to get that balance in my life that my characters are always striving to achieve. (How’s that for proof that my characters do sometimes reflect me?)

So while 2016 is my year for family and friends and perhaps some new challenges — like proving to my new Fit Bit that I am not a total slug — for all of you, I’m viewing it as your chance to catch up on your Sherryl Woods reading. As you can see from my updated home page on this website, there will be lots of reissues in stores just in the first half of the year.

You can discover the four books originally published as Million-Dollar Destinies and now being released as Perfect DestiniesISN’T IT RICH?, PRICELESS, TREASURED and one of my all time favorites, DESTINY UNLEASHED. You’ll be introduced to another of my families — three brothers and their wonderful Aunt Destiny.

If you’re just discovering the Sweet Magnolias, there will be two more reissues in trade paperback in that series, as well, starting with WELCOME TO SERENITY in stores now.

So, make a note right now that anything you see this year from me will be a reissue and be sure it’s new-to-you before you grab a copy.

Make this a year you take on some new challenges just as I plan to. Keep in touch. I won’t be far away. I’ll go right on posting on my Facebook fan page and keeping this website up to date. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the Hallmark Chesapeake Shores project, scheduled to air later in the year, and will be working on that to keep it as true to the books as we can possibly make it.

All best as always,