A Letter from Sherryl

Dear friends:

Just as fall is a beautiful season in my native Virginia across the Potomac River, it’s also a lovely time of the year to visit the fictional town of Chesapeake Shores, Maryland. The latest release about the O’Briens — WILLOW BROOK ROAD — will be in stores September 29. And with any luck, we may know by then whether these stories will be going to series on the Hallmark Channel. That timetable has shifted several times, so keep your fingers crossed that we’ll not only be finished with production of the Chesapeake Shores movie, but will know if it’s been picked up for a series in 2016! You can be sure there will be news here and on Facebook the very second I’m allowed to release it. That goes for casting news, as well.

In the meantime, I know you’ve been waiting impatiently for Carrie Winters, Caitlyn’s twin sister, to have her own story and it’s here at last. Carrie, you may recall, returned home with her heart broken and her career in the fashion industry in tatters, as well. Her chance encounter with Sam Winslow, a newcomer to town, may well solve both of her problems. In almost an instant she discovers her professional destiny and a possible soulmate.

Of course, nothing is ever quite that clear cut, but with Mick and a whole slew of O’Briens offering up a steady stream of pros and cons, Carrie and Sam just might find their way to becoming a perfect match.

And just one month after WILLOW BROOK ROAD hits stores, there will be a brand new Chesapeake Shores novella — Bayside Retreat — as a bonus story in the paperback edition of THE CHRISTMAS BOUQUET. That hits stores October 27. Even if you read THE CHRISTMAS BOUQUET in hardcover last year, you might want to grab this edition just for this new story, then pass the book along as a stocking stuffer to another reader in your family. Okay, I know that’s cheating, but don’t try to tell me you’ve never sneaked a peek at a book — or read the whole thing — before giving it to someone!

I hope you’ll enjoy these latest additions to the Chesapeake Shores series. And I hope you have a spectacular, colorful fall wherever you are.

All best,