A Letter from Sherryl

Dear friends:

As I write this, the tree is trimmed, carols are playing in the background and it’s 80 degrees outside. It’s definitely NOT beginning to feel much like Christmas! Still, with a brand new year right around the corner, I’m looking back . . . All the way to 2008.

That’s when Seaview Inn was first published as a stand-alone novel. Readers back then loved Hannah and Luke’s story and begged for more from the fictional Florida island of Seaview Key. For years I swore I didn’t have another related story to tell. But, of course, if my imagination is left to simmer long enough, something is bound to come to me.

For those of you who read Seaview Inn back then — it’s back in stores right now for those of you who might have missed it — you’ll recall that Hannah was recovering from breast cancer. Her emotional recovery was made even more difficult because her mom died of the disease just as she was diagnosed.

Over the years one of the things I’ve learned from friends facing breast cancer is that, while they might fight for survival and find joy in every day and every year they remain in remission, in the back of their minds is always a “what if” scenario. That forms the basis for the brand new sequel, Home to Seaview Key, in stores at the end of January.

When Luke’s first love returns to town, Hannah is terrified, not only that old feelings might be rekindled, but that her own future is less than certain. No matter how many times Abby and even Luke reassure her, it’s hard to quiet those fears.

Of course, Abby has moved on with her life and been through her own share of turmoil, which makes her more than eager for a casual flirtation with a younger man, paramedic Seth Landry, who served in the army with Luke. I think Seth could probably make any woman forget her own name, much less her past!

I hope new readers will come to love Seaview Key and its residents and that those of you who’ve been begging for another story will be cheering for Abby and Seth, as well as Luke and Hannah in this story of old and new loves, and strong friendships that can triumph over old hurts.

Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2014 is the year all of your dreams come true.

Sherryl Woods